Friday, September 30, 2011

The Seattle Seahawks Need To Get Lucky

The Seattle Seahawks showed a lot of heart last Sunday by scratching out a win against the division rival Arizona Cardinals. The Seahawks are only one game out of first place in the dreadful NFC West and with maximum effort the could find themselves in the hunt for a playoff spot. Is that a good thing?

True Seahawks fans understand that the team is a work in progress. There are no quick fixes in the NFL and the process of rebuilding takes time. Pete Carroll has started putting the pieces in place for a winning organization, but there's one key component missing.

The Seahawks need a franchise quarterback and the best prospect out there is Andrew Luck. Most experts agree Luck would have been the first player selected in the 2011 NFL draft and will certainly be the first quarterback selected in the 2012 NFL draft. That means in order for the Seahawks to have a chance to pick him they need to lose more games.

I know these guys are professionals and take pride in what they do, but why not tank some games for the greater good? Why not put yourself in a position to improve your team dramatically with a few extra losses? Nothing is guaranteed and Andrew Luck may not be the player everyone thinks he is, but isn't he worth the risk? Best case scenario he's the savior of the franchise. Worst case scenario he's better than Tavaris Jackson.

The good news is even if the Seahawks don't finish poorly enough to select Andrew Luck there are plenty of quarterback options this year. Robert Griffin III, Landry Jones, and Matt Barkley all seem like worthy candidates to lead the team if Luck is unavailable. At least there's an insurance policy in place. For the Seahawks sake I hope they realize it's better to be lucky than good before it's too late.

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