Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Observations

This fantasy football thing is starting to get on my nerves. My records clearly don't reflect the infinite sports knowledge I possess. I've been completely silenced in my trash talking league after Michael Vick failed to score from the one yard line or throw a touchdown pass to Desean Jackson. As Evelyn Lozada so eloquently put it I'll be a non fu*king factor from here on out. In my JV league I'm losing by 10 points to a team that started Michael Vick (8 points), Kenny Britt (knee injury), and Beanie Wells (inactive). That's like Justin Verlander having a losing record in AA ball. At least I redeemed myself in my hurt your feelings league by dismantling the reigning champ and commish. I am now officially a member of the Wes Welker and Aaron Rodgers fan clubs. Here are some weekend observations.

This will be Donovan McNabb's last year as an NFL starter. Although you can't completely blame McNabb for the Vikings 0-3 start he's clearly not the player he once was and Minnesota will go in a different direction at season's end.

Keith Price is really good. More on that tomorrow.

The PGA Tour champion and Fed Ex Cup winner was decided yesterday. Can anyone tell me his name?

Rampage Jackson might want to resurrect his acting career after two straight UFC losses. The younger, faster, stronger Jon Jones made him look way past his prime.

The Seattle Seahawks may have too much pride for their own good. With every win they jeopardize their chances of getting Lucky. The 2012 NFL draft will be stocked full of quarterbacks, but Andrew Luck is at the head of the class. There's nothing wrong with tanking games so long as you end up with a franchise quarterback for your troubles.

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