Friday, September 2, 2011

Willl The Seahawks Cut Golden Tate?

Don't get me wrong, I love Golden Tate. He had a stellar career at Notre Dame and his combine workout was tremendous. At his full capability he's an asset to the Seahawks and a building block for the future. That being said he hasn't lived up to his potential thus far.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is a no nonsense guy. If you can play and contribute at a high level you can stick around. If it's apparent you can't get the job done you're out the door. Pete Carroll would fire his own mama if she used too much flour in the after practice cupcakes. He's hard core! So where does that leave Golden Tate?

If you go strictly by his performance he's outta here. Past glories and accomplishments mean nothing when you're trying to make an NFL roster. Golden has dropped balls, run poor routes, and has been less than spectacular on special teams. Is there any reason to keep him?

Here's where I get a little sentimental. You gotta love a guy named Golden. If you can live up to the pressure of that name you have to be something special. Maybe it's the 4.36 40 time at the combine or maybe it's the fact that I watched him run circles around the competition in college, but I think Golden Tate deserves one more season.

I'll be honest, Golden Tate was getting on my nerves last preseason game, but not enough that I think the Seahawks should cut him. That being said he has a very short rope and better show something sooner than later. I think the Seahawks should keep him one more season, but if the Seahawks cut Golden Tate I won't shed too many tears. Good luck Golden.

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