Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kevin Love Is Better Than Blake Griffin

If you watch SportsCenter every night you would be thoroughly convinced Blake "The Barbarian" Griffin is the best power forward in the NBA. His posterizing dunks have made him a crowd favorite and a legend in the making. Blake is without question one of the top 5 must see players in the league. Although I've been singing his praises since before the 2009 NBA draft I'm a basketball purist at heart. Sure the thunderous jams are spectacular to watch, but at the end of the day it's only worth two points. There are other facets of the game Blake needs to master.

Enter Kevin Love. The Minnesota Timberwolves franchise player just won the all star 3 point contest, grabs 14 rebounds a game (2nd in the NBA), and trails only Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and Lebron James in scoring. If you put the stats of Blake Griffin and Kevin Love side by side and never watched an ESPN highlight you'd definitely think Kevin Love was the better player. Blake "The Barbarian" Griffin gives you the style, but Love gives you a little more substance.

The comparison between these two superstars is reminiscent of Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett back in the day. The Big Fundamental was never as popular as The Big Ticket and some fans even argued Garnett was the better player. 4 championships later Timmy put an end to all that nonsense, but Garnett still got the praise. Basketball is still about entertainment and exciting slam dunks are part of that equation.

I'm not closing the book on Blake "The Barbarian" Griffin just yet. His upside is tremendous and once he learns how to harness all that athletic ability the sky's the limit. You can't go wrong with either guy, but if you had to say who was the better player today the correct answer would be Kevin Love. Until Blake gets a few more weapons in his arsenal the discussion on the back burner. Your thoughts?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Observations

This weekend was all about NBA all star weekend and the NFL combine. The slam dunk contest featured newcomers that lacked star power, but tried to make up for it with creativity. Unfortunately that didn't work and the viewing public was left with some no name (Jeremy Evans) jumping over Kevin Hart (a virtual Lilliputian) to claim the slam dunk title. After such a lack luster performance here's a reminder of the top 5 greatest dunkers of all time:

1. Vince Carter.
2. Dominique Wilkens.
3. Michael Jordan.
4. Dr. J.
5. Nate Robinson (3 titles).

The NFL combine showed us that individual workouts will soon become more important than the combine itself. Potential 1st round picks have much to lose and very little to gain by participating. Marginal players and players looking to move up in the draft are the ones that really benefit from the experience. Here are some weekend observations.

Chris Polk didn't dazzle anyone at the combine and Lamichael James did far better in the individual workouts. The Seahawks might be able to pick him up in the 4th round.

Speaking of the Seahawks, Robert Griffin III said Seattle wasn't one of the teams he's spoken with thus far. I suspect Pete Carroll would rather keep the picks than mortgage the future for the Heisman Trophy winner. Let's hope the plan doesn't backfire on him.

The Washington Nationals gave Ryan Zimmerman $100,000,000 over the weekend. This is further evidence I don't fully understand the economics of baseball.

Kobe Bryant became the most prolific scorer in all star game history surpassing Michael Jordan. Not sure how meaningful that really is. Kevin Durant won his 1st NBA all star game MVP. Not sure I can stomach another Kevin Durant achievement.

If your power forward is 2nd in the league in rebounding and capable of winning the all star game 3 point contest you have the best power forward in the league right? More on this tomorrow.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Steroids Still Taint Baseball

From the beginning Ryan Braun professed his innocence with regards to taking performance enhancing drugs. Thursday's decision to overturn MLB's 50 game suspension validated his stance and vindicated him in the process. Although Braun has been cleared of any wrong doing it's too late to unring the bell. There will be some fans that still think he's guilty. The court of popular opinion has a different criteria. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck right?

Because of the rampant steroid use in the early 90's baseball fans are skeptical about players who are associated with any kind of failed drug test. They have been burned too many times to trust what anybody says.

The lack of trust even affects players who have never tested positive for a banned substance. Alber Pujols and Jose Bautista repeatedly have to answer questions about the huge numbers they put up. Some people (myself included) are suspicious of their production given the sustained success (Pujols) and the unusual increase in home runs (Bautista). It's a no win situation for them.

People spread gossip and believe what they must, but in the end no one really knows for sure who's guilty or innocent. I've said many times MLB should let players take what they want if it translates to a better product on the field. With millions of dollars at stake and unbelievable pressure to perform at a high level drug use isn't going away. Congrats Ryan Braun. You fought the law and you won.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Kardashian Effect Part II

You never know what can happen when you leave the remote control unattended. One minute you're toggling back and forth between Scarface and SportsCenter highlights and the next you're watching a 6'10 grown ass man collapse a sex swing that was poorly assembled over his bed. This actually happened on an episode of the reality series Khloe and Lamar. I must admit the scene was pretty funny, but highly disturbing on so many levels. Once again the Kardashians are showing their influence.

Not so long ago Lamar Odom was a 2 time NBA champion living the life in sunny Southern California. Now he's just Lammy, Khloe Kardashian's sex slave. I guess I can't blame the guy for capitalizing on his new found audience. He only has a few years left in his career and as we all know hoopers have a habit of going broke shortly after their playing days are over. He's a smart businessman, but I feel like I know entirely too much about his personal life. I'd prefer less swing and more swish if you know what I'm saying.

Not long ago Kris Humphries was a relative nobody trying to earn a roster spot with the New Jersey Nets. After his divorce from Kim Kardashian he's become America's most hated athlete. To his credit Kris has channeled that negative energy into positive results on the court. If you catch him at the wrong time he might hit you up for 24 and 18. He's developed quite a nasty disposition and relishes is role as a villain.

The moral of the story is the Kardashian sisters are a factor in the sports world regardless of what I think about it. I don't know how they're doing it (actually I do but this is a PG-13 blog), but it appears they are here to stay. Athletics and entertainment are almost synonymous these days so don't be surprised if your favorite athlete is the next Kardashian victim. The spotlight and attention can be addictive. I can hear the Reggie bush fan club cringing as we speak.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Observations

After weeks of my friends, family, and followers urging me to watch the flick I finally sat down and watched Moneyball. It was an interesting and captivating movie. Kudos to Billy Beane for having the courage to think outside the box and trust his system through failure and success. Of course if he had the Yankees payroll he would have been able to keep Jason Giambi, Johnny Damon, and Jason Isringhausen to go along with Miguel Tejada, Barry Zito, Mark Mulder, and Tim Hudson. That's why the Yankees have rings and the A's have moral victories. Still and yet the ability to compete with such an unfair advantage has to be commended. Here are some observations over the weekend.

Tom Gugliotta and Chris Corchiani got thrown out of a North Carolina St. home game for arguing with the refs. Just goes to show that school spirit is powerful and always a part of you.

Last night Kevin Durant scored 51 points, Russell Westbrook chipped in a cool 40, and Serge Ibaka had a triple double (points, rebounds, and blocked shots). I'm starting to feel like Seattle fans are being tortured Wu-Tang style. The pain is becoming unbearable.

The Charlotte Bobcats would have a tough time beating the Syracuse Orangemen right about now. Michael Jordan should have a word with himself to clear things up.

The last time the UConn men and women lost home games on the same weekend was 1993. Damn!

Mike Mayock didn't have Chris Polk on his list of the top 5 running backs in the NFL draft. I'm starting to lose respect for his opinion. I'm sure the combine next weekend will vindicate one of us.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Tim Wakefield: The Last Of A Dying Breed

One of my sports idols is calling it quits today. After 19 seasons in the majors and two World Series rings Tim Wakefield is announcing his retirement. As you well know I usually trend to gravitate towards the extremely talented superstar types so you might ask yourself how could a relative unknown make his way into the Cleavie Wonder hall of fame?

It's the way he re-invented himself with the knuckle ball. The pitch that flutters around like a butterfly and if thrown properly is virtually unhittable. Tim Wakefield began his career as a first baseman, but early on it became painfully obvious he would never make the majors as a position player. Instead of sulking or forcing the issue Tim developed a skill that would keep him around for almost two decades. The way he perfected a pitch that has little wear and tear on the body is pure genius. Very few athletes have accomplished more with less.

Tim Wakefield's career was nothing short of a fairytale. He got paid millions of dollars to pitch every 5th day and traveled the country like a rock star. What other job can you think of where you hit every major city in America for three days at a time enjoying the great summertime weather outdoors? It almost seems unfair.

The biggest reason Tim makes the Cleavie Wonder hall of fame however is the age factor. Anyone who can remain competitive in a sport at age 45 deserves a lot of credit. He may not have had the lightning bolt arm of a Randy Johnson or Roger Clemens, but his style was effective enough to get batters out. It wasn't flashy, but 200 wins is nothing to sneeze at. Way to go Tim.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Benefit Of Cheerleaders

Perhaps I'm 'dating myself a little bit with this story, but most Gen Xers will know what I'm talking about. I was getting ready for work this morning and the video Mickey by Toni basil came on. It's been several hours now and I still can't get that freakin song out of my head. I also can't seem to shake the image of the cheerleader pyramid that made the video so popular. Now that I see everything from a sports perspective I have to ask myself the question who doesn't love cheerleaders?

You ask any former athlete and they will tell you cheerleaders are cool. They bring spirit and enthusiasm to a sports team and get the crowd hyped. Win or lose the cheerleaders got your back. Most guys can name at least 5 cheerleaders from their high school, but can't remember what year they got married. That's the power of the cheerleader.

The three distinct cheerleading tiers are as follows:

The professional cheerleaders. Anyone who's seen that show on the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders knows it's a hardcore business. Calendars, DVD's, and guest appearances can be very lucrative. It's a full time job with lots of opportunity and exposure.

The college cheerleaders. They get to attend all the games, meet lots of future millionaires, and represent their school in the most positive light possible. A win win for everyone.

The high school cheerleader. I was a high school cheerleading judge for 3 years and let me tell you it's a lot of pressure. The pom poms give teenage girls self confidence, social status, and a purpose during their formative years. This is probably the most important tier of them all.

Of course cheerleading doesn't come without a healthy dose of hateration. People label them sluts, make up raunchy stories about them, and beat them up in parking lots after dark. It is jealousy and envy that makes the haters act this way. For the most part cheerleaders are fun loving people that bring a positive attitude to most situations.

Would you want your team to have no cheerleaders? Would you want a bunch of moody chicks doing half ass kicks barely paying attention to the game? Of course not. Cheerleaders are an integral part of society and help shape the way athletes feel about themselves. Without cheerleaders sports has no pulse. Damn you Toni Basil!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Could Rick Barry Decide The NBA Championship?

According to Chris Mullin Blake "The Barbarian" Griffin is a cross between Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, and Dominique Wilkens. Many consider him the best power forward in the league because of his tenacious rebounding and electrifying monster dunks. Dwight Howard is the best center in the NBA hands down. His defensive presence and total domination of the painted area draws comparisons to Wilt Chamberlin and Shaquille O'Neal. So why can't you win a championship with either one of these guys right now?

Free throws. It may sound like I'm nitpicking given the stature of both players, but their issues at the free throw line is a major cause for concern. Blake Griffin is shooting an awful 52% from the charity stripe and Dwight Howard is shooting a pathetic 49%. It's impossible to give them the ball in crunch time because teams will automatically foul and take their chances at the line. If you can't go to your best player in crucial situations you won't advance very far in the playoffs.

There is a solution to rectify this problem. Call Rick Barry. As some of you might recall I wrote a blog last year entitled Weapons Of Mass Destruction http://cleaviewonder.blogspot.com/2010/11/weapons-of-mass-destruction.html and the Rick Barry underhand free throw was #5 on the list. Barry has the 2nd highest free throw percentage in the history of the NBA (.900) and in one season, 1978-79, only missed 9 times from the line. To say that these two superstars could use his mentoring would be an understatement.

The underhand free throw isn't the coolest looking shot in the world, but it's damn effective. There is no reason Blake and Dwight shouldn't at least try out the technique for a while. Heaven knows it couldn't be any worse than what they're doing right now. If either one of these guys could boost their free throw percentage to a modest 65 to 70% they would be unstoppable. Give Rick a call. What's the worst that could happen? To do nothing wold be giving in to failure.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will Randy Moss Get Some Love?

Randy Moss announced yesterday that he intends to play football in 2012 and his decision has received a luke warm reception. Former teammate Chris Carter called Moss a quitter while other analysts labeled him an over the hill malcontent. According to the experts the consensus is Randy Moss is washed up and no team will give him a shot. Will Randy prove them wrong?

Of course he will. Last year Randy learned the hard way what I've been telling you guys for years. Don't walk away from the game too early. You'll miss it more than you thought and financially things can get tough in a hurry. The year off did him some good and now he's back with more focus and intensity than ever. He knows it's his last chance so he will make the most of it.

That doesn't mean he's going to be on his best behavior all the time. By definition #1 superstar receivers are divas. They are me first guys that think they're open on every play and want the ball all the time. It's the mentality that goes with the position and Randy Moss is no different. He's going to say or do some things in the heat of the battle that he'll regret later, but that comes with the territory. If you're #1 receiver isn't a diva you should panic.

There's no denying Randy Moss is a physical freak of nature and he will be in tip top shape once training camp arrives. Although people refer to him as one dimensional (or a slouch) he just happens to be the go to guy on the NFL's highest scoring teams of all time (98' Vikings and 07' Patriots). I'm OK with being one dimensional if you can leverage it into that much success.

Randy Moss is not a choir boy and he definitely comes with some baggage. At age 35 with a history of leaving teams on a bad note it seems like the odds are against him. Just like in 1998 when 20 teams passed on him in the draft every team in the league will be sorry they didn't give him a chance. Randy Moss will be a pro bowler next year mark my words. Carolina are you listening?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Is Linsanity Good For The NBA?

I promised a dear friend of mine that if Jeremy Lin could consistently put up good numbers I would dedicate a blog to his story. After scoring more point in his first four games than any player since the ABA/NBA merger he's earned the right to be a topic of discussion. The kid from Harvard has the Knicks undefeated in their last 5 games (without Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony) and is the talk of New York. Is Jeremy Lin good for the NBA?

Absolutely. After dragging out the NBA lockout for months on end the league can use all the feel good stories it can find. Jeremy Lin represents the power of positive thinking and perseverance. The guy believed in himself when no one else did after being cut by the Houston Rockets and shuffled back and forth from the D-league with the Knicks. It's somewhat of a miracle he was able to take such great advantage of his opportunity.

It's also good for the NBA from a marketing perspective. His Asian ancestry makes him instantly popular in China and Taiwan not to mention the Asian Americans that have rallied around his stellar play. Jersey sales are through the roof and casual fans that know very little about basketball are tuning in just to see what all the fuss is about.

Jeremy Lin has gone from sleeping on his brother's couch to high fiving with Spike Lee at Madison Square Garden. No one saw this kind of impact coming and it's refreshing to see all the hard work and sacrifice pay off. Hopefully the Linsanity that has taken the world by storm won't be a fad. His solid play has got Jeremy to this point, but a few bad games is all it takes to turn the Knicks faithful against him. Keep hitting jumpers, dunking on fools, and throwing dimes and everything will be OK. Good luck Jeremy.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Gary Payton In 2012

NBA players today are so soft they make McDonald's ice cream look like granite rock. All these twitter wars and hurt feelings give new meaning to the term fragile ego. How could a bunch of over grown men who become millionaires before their 21st birthday take random comments so seriously? These oversensitive athletes all need a group hug. Can you imagine if Gary Payton was on the floor in 2012?

Would Lebron James be able to sleep at night? Would Charlie Villanueva burst into tears in the middle of a game? Would DeMarcus Cousins need to take a leave of absence for personal reasons? There is no doubt the NBA has better athletes than in years past, but the league lacks toughness. Players have a difficult time enduring constructive criticism or any kind of trash talking whatsoever.

Gary Payton was a master at psychological warfare. As a longtime Sonics fan I had the pleasure of watching him talk players out of their game on numerous occasions. Gary had the ability to make the most confident player question themselves. He could turn a 25 point scorer into a total headcase just by talking about their mama or girlfriend. In a league where you can't even throw a punch without getting suspended for 5 games Payton's antics would be extremely effective.

The modern day athlete forgets that sports is 90% mental. You have to have a short memory and control of your emotions. Comments made in the heat of battle should be taken with a grain of salt. The great ones let their play speak for itself and block out all the nonsense. If a little trash talking can derail your focus you don't deserve to be a champion.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Following In Your Father's Footsteps

Austin Rivers was as cool as the other side of the pillow last night when he drained a 35 footer to beat North Carolina 85-84. I give him extra props for doing it in front of his father (Celtics coach Doc Rivers) on such a big stage as a freshman. It can be difficult to step out of the shadow of your family's greatness and legacy. Most players fall miserably short of everyone's expectations and find themselves frustrated over their perceived failure. Others rise to the occasion and embrace the challenge of taking the family name to the next level. Here is a list of the 5 greatest sons of former players.


5. Prince Fielder. Signing a contract worth $214,000,000 instantly puts you in this category.

4. Cal Ripken Jr. A true ambassador for the game of baseball with a record that may never be broken (2,632 consecutive games played).

3. Roberto Alomar. Quite possibly the greatest 2nd baseman ever.

2. Ken Griffey Jr. 600+ home runs, league MVP, and 10 gold gloves without taking any PED's.

1. Barry Bonds. Hands down the the greatest outfielder that ever lived. The only reason I won't call him the greatest player ever is because he never won a World Series ring.


5. Seth Curry. This may be a bit premature, but if he can stay healthy and improve his point guard skills he has a chance to be one of the great ones.

4. Mike Bibby. Had a marvelous career with the Sacramento Kings and almost won a ring with the Miami Heat last year.

3. Brent Barry. He's probably more famous for his wife cheating on him with Tony Parker, but Brent won a slam dunk contest and two rings.

2. Jalen Rose. An original member of the Fab 5 in addition to his 16 years in the NBA.

1. Kobe Bryant. The name says it all.


5. Kellen Winslow II. Although his career got off to a rocky start with injuries and run-ins with management K2 has managed to stick around for 8 productive years.

4. Brian Griese. He didn't win any playoff games, but he managed to stay relevant in Denver and Chicago for almost a decade.

3. Clay Mathews. The name Clay Mathews means bad ass football player in Portuguese.

2. Eli Manning. Winning two Super Bowls in New York is enough to get a school named after you.

1. Peyton Manning. 4 time league MVP and Super Bowl champion. Even with the uncertainty about the rest of his career he tops the list.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Seattle Is Playing With My Emotions

This is a tale of optimism and anger. Yesterday afternoon I read an article that outlined a plan to bring an NBA and NHL franchise to Seattle. Apparently hedge fund manager Christopher Hansen has been working with the city's mayor to build a new arena and obtain an NBA team as early as next fall. There has been speculation that if the Sacramento Kings don't have funding in place by March 1st for a new arena the team could be relocated. There has also been speculation the NHL would jump at the chance to move the Phoenix Coyotes to Seattle if there were proper facilities. This had me in a good mood.

When I got home I flipped through the channels and stopped on the OKC/Golden State game. Unfortunately for me I watched a game where Kevin Durant looked like the best player on the planet going for 33 points, 10 rebounds, and 7 assists while Russell Westbrook chipped in with 31 points, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists. Then it dawned on me, I'm not over Sonic gate!

What kind of consolation prize is DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans when you should have the second coming of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen? Did the 206 really draft George Gervin Jr. then let him leave Seattle for some cow town over politics and a lack of vision? I'm starting a collection fund for Sonic fans that want to hire Jon Bones Jones to beat the snot piss out of Clay Bennett for two minutes. Who's with me?

I have a good friend that always reminds me that the players had no say in the Sonics moving so you really can't fault them. His point is valid, but it doesn't stop the pain. If the Thunder weren't so good it would be easier to deal with, but they will probably play for the championship this year. What could have been. Oh well. Some hoop is better than no hoop right? Bring on Francisco Garcia!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shanghai Surprise

When the NBA lockout was in full effect it seemed like there was no end in sight. Several players contemplated playing overseas and a few players even signed contracts with foreign teams. Kenyon Martin, JR Smith, and Wilson Chandler all decided that some money was better than no money and what better way to stay in basketball shape than playing basketball. The Chinese league embraced them with open arms and forged a mutually beneficial relationship. Then the lockout ended.

In somewhat predictable fashion Martin, Smith, and Chandler wanted to return to the NBA irregardless of their contractual obligations. In somewhat predictable fashion Martin left the Xinjiang Tigers in December forcing them to abide by his wishes. He now gets to play for the newly improved Los Angeles Clippers providing veteran leadership (did I just say that about Kenyon Martin?) and depth along the front court. Unfortunately the new CBA rules forbid Chandler and Smith from joining a team until the Chinese league finishes their season in a few weeks.

The question remains whether these 3 players made the right decision about their future by playing overseas. In hindsight it looks like a mistake, but given the circumstances surrounding the NBA a few months ago you can understand why they took the calculated risk. At the very least they got to experience another part of the world and will probably appreciate the United States a lot more upon their return.

I'm sure basketball in China has benefited from the experience as well. NBA players are the best players in the world making the experience both educational and entertaining. JR Smith, Kenyon Martin, and Wilson Chandler will leave behind moves and strategies that will help bring Chinese basketball to a higher level.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Observations

I knew from the opening coin flip New England was going to have a long day. As Justin Tuck extended his hand to say good luck to the Patriots captains Devin McCourty inexcusably refused to shake. It's bad karma to display bad sportsmanship before the biggest game of your life.

Just as predicted the double jinx was in full effect. The Giants didn't man handle the Patriots, but they did just enough to win. The early safety definitely caught New England off guard and the injury to Rob Gronkowski was more significant than anyone anticipated. I think a healthy Gronk may have caught the Hail Mary ricochet at the end of the game. Give the Giants credit though. Nicks, Cruz, and Manning made plays when they needed to. As for the Patriots? Wes Welker may be kicking himself for a late 4th quarter drop, but Tom Brady wasn't as accurate in the 2nd half as he usually is and that catch would have been difficult at best. Still 5 Super Bowl appearances is nothing to sneeze at and when it's all said and done Brady's place in history is secure. Here are some weekend observations.

Cortez Kennedy finally got into the Hall of Fame and I couldn't be happier for the Hurricane/Seahawk. It's good to see him finally get the recognition he deserves.

Alberto Contador was stripped of his 2010 Tour De France title for using performance enhancing drugs. Is there a dirtier sport than cycling when it comes to this issue?

Jared Sullinger is hands down the best player in college basketball. He's got better low post moves than half of the power forwards playing in the NBA. The extra year in school did wonders for his game.

Madonna put on a good halftime show with lots of lights and dancers, but she looked a step slow. Apparently singing and dancing is a little more grueling when you're in your fifties. I don't think she's ready for a world tour anytime soon.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ms. Pac Man Is Playing Games

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is scheduled to fight Miguel Cotto on May 5th. As many of you know Cotto was not his first choice of opponents. After months of speculation that Mayweather had been ducking Manny Pacquiao it seems the shoe is on the other foot. It is now Pacquiao that is ignoring the challenge to step into the ring.

Where's the Manny Pacquiao that went on the Jimmy Kimmel show and told the world he would fight Mayweather for a winner take all purse? Where is the Pacquiao that said he wasn't afraid of the hand speed or the boxing precision of Mayweather? Even after Floyd personally called him to try and make a fight happen and publicly questioned his manhood and courage via twitter Pacquiao declined the invitation.

There's only two logical conclusions sports fans can draw from this scenario. Either Manny is afraid to get in the ring or he doesn't make his own decisions. Everyone knows boxing is a corrupt sport that's basically run by unscrupulous promoters. Bob Arum is the modern day Don King and Manny Pacquiao is just one of the puppets he strings along. It's safe to say Arum's personal agenda trumps the demands of his fighters.

Right now Manny Pacquiao is ducking Floyd Mayweather Jr. like a bottle of Moet on New Year's Eve. Everyone has made concessions for this fight to happen (Even the judicial system) and he hasn't budged one inch. Whether it's by his own doing or the people that represent him the clock is ticking on this mega fight. Fans are growing impatient and indifferent while both boxers get older and fall out of their prime. If Manny doesn't take ownership of his own career and make a fight happen with Mayweather his image and legacy will be tarnished forever. Your thoughts?