Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ms. Pac Man Is Playing Games

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is scheduled to fight Miguel Cotto on May 5th. As many of you know Cotto was not his first choice of opponents. After months of speculation that Mayweather had been ducking Manny Pacquiao it seems the shoe is on the other foot. It is now Pacquiao that is ignoring the challenge to step into the ring.

Where's the Manny Pacquiao that went on the Jimmy Kimmel show and told the world he would fight Mayweather for a winner take all purse? Where is the Pacquiao that said he wasn't afraid of the hand speed or the boxing precision of Mayweather? Even after Floyd personally called him to try and make a fight happen and publicly questioned his manhood and courage via twitter Pacquiao declined the invitation.

There's only two logical conclusions sports fans can draw from this scenario. Either Manny is afraid to get in the ring or he doesn't make his own decisions. Everyone knows boxing is a corrupt sport that's basically run by unscrupulous promoters. Bob Arum is the modern day Don King and Manny Pacquiao is just one of the puppets he strings along. It's safe to say Arum's personal agenda trumps the demands of his fighters.

Right now Manny Pacquiao is ducking Floyd Mayweather Jr. like a bottle of Moet on New Year's Eve. Everyone has made concessions for this fight to happen (Even the judicial system) and he hasn't budged one inch. Whether it's by his own doing or the people that represent him the clock is ticking on this mega fight. Fans are growing impatient and indifferent while both boxers get older and fall out of their prime. If Manny doesn't take ownership of his own career and make a fight happen with Mayweather his image and legacy will be tarnished forever. Your thoughts?

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