Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Observations

This weekend was all about NBA all star weekend and the NFL combine. The slam dunk contest featured newcomers that lacked star power, but tried to make up for it with creativity. Unfortunately that didn't work and the viewing public was left with some no name (Jeremy Evans) jumping over Kevin Hart (a virtual Lilliputian) to claim the slam dunk title. After such a lack luster performance here's a reminder of the top 5 greatest dunkers of all time:

1. Vince Carter.
2. Dominique Wilkens.
3. Michael Jordan.
4. Dr. J.
5. Nate Robinson (3 titles).

The NFL combine showed us that individual workouts will soon become more important than the combine itself. Potential 1st round picks have much to lose and very little to gain by participating. Marginal players and players looking to move up in the draft are the ones that really benefit from the experience. Here are some weekend observations.

Chris Polk didn't dazzle anyone at the combine and Lamichael James did far better in the individual workouts. The Seahawks might be able to pick him up in the 4th round.

Speaking of the Seahawks, Robert Griffin III said Seattle wasn't one of the teams he's spoken with thus far. I suspect Pete Carroll would rather keep the picks than mortgage the future for the Heisman Trophy winner. Let's hope the plan doesn't backfire on him.

The Washington Nationals gave Ryan Zimmerman $100,000,000 over the weekend. This is further evidence I don't fully understand the economics of baseball.

Kobe Bryant became the most prolific scorer in all star game history surpassing Michael Jordan. Not sure how meaningful that really is. Kevin Durant won his 1st NBA all star game MVP. Not sure I can stomach another Kevin Durant achievement.

If your power forward is 2nd in the league in rebounding and capable of winning the all star game 3 point contest you have the best power forward in the league right? More on this tomorrow.


  1. 1. Wilkins
    2. Dr. J.
    3. David Skywalker Thompson
    4. Jordan
    5. Carter

    And I agree can't stomach another Sonic (er...) OKC achievement. Thank God Tom Chambers got a MVP in the Kingdome and Downtown Freddie hit 58 in '73 or OKC would truly own Sonic History. Bring back the Sonics!

  2. @Rasheed: Thanks for the read. And I thought I had love for the human highlight film! #1 all time? You could make the case. I went to that game with my dad in 87'. I remember Rolando Blackmon had to hit free throws to send the game into overtime. Chambers couldn't be stopped that day. Classic.