Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Benefit Of Cheerleaders

Perhaps I'm 'dating myself a little bit with this story, but most Gen Xers will know what I'm talking about. I was getting ready for work this morning and the video Mickey by Toni basil came on. It's been several hours now and I still can't get that freakin song out of my head. I also can't seem to shake the image of the cheerleader pyramid that made the video so popular. Now that I see everything from a sports perspective I have to ask myself the question who doesn't love cheerleaders?

You ask any former athlete and they will tell you cheerleaders are cool. They bring spirit and enthusiasm to a sports team and get the crowd hyped. Win or lose the cheerleaders got your back. Most guys can name at least 5 cheerleaders from their high school, but can't remember what year they got married. That's the power of the cheerleader.

The three distinct cheerleading tiers are as follows:

The professional cheerleaders. Anyone who's seen that show on the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders knows it's a hardcore business. Calendars, DVD's, and guest appearances can be very lucrative. It's a full time job with lots of opportunity and exposure.

The college cheerleaders. They get to attend all the games, meet lots of future millionaires, and represent their school in the most positive light possible. A win win for everyone.

The high school cheerleader. I was a high school cheerleading judge for 3 years and let me tell you it's a lot of pressure. The pom poms give teenage girls self confidence, social status, and a purpose during their formative years. This is probably the most important tier of them all.

Of course cheerleading doesn't come without a healthy dose of hateration. People label them sluts, make up raunchy stories about them, and beat them up in parking lots after dark. It is jealousy and envy that makes the haters act this way. For the most part cheerleaders are fun loving people that bring a positive attitude to most situations.

Would you want your team to have no cheerleaders? Would you want a bunch of moody chicks doing half ass kicks barely paying attention to the game? Of course not. Cheerleaders are an integral part of society and help shape the way athletes feel about themselves. Without cheerleaders sports has no pulse. Damn you Toni Basil!

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