Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will Randy Moss Get Some Love?

Randy Moss announced yesterday that he intends to play football in 2012 and his decision has received a luke warm reception. Former teammate Chris Carter called Moss a quitter while other analysts labeled him an over the hill malcontent. According to the experts the consensus is Randy Moss is washed up and no team will give him a shot. Will Randy prove them wrong?

Of course he will. Last year Randy learned the hard way what I've been telling you guys for years. Don't walk away from the game too early. You'll miss it more than you thought and financially things can get tough in a hurry. The year off did him some good and now he's back with more focus and intensity than ever. He knows it's his last chance so he will make the most of it.

That doesn't mean he's going to be on his best behavior all the time. By definition #1 superstar receivers are divas. They are me first guys that think they're open on every play and want the ball all the time. It's the mentality that goes with the position and Randy Moss is no different. He's going to say or do some things in the heat of the battle that he'll regret later, but that comes with the territory. If you're #1 receiver isn't a diva you should panic.

There's no denying Randy Moss is a physical freak of nature and he will be in tip top shape once training camp arrives. Although people refer to him as one dimensional (or a slouch) he just happens to be the go to guy on the NFL's highest scoring teams of all time (98' Vikings and 07' Patriots). I'm OK with being one dimensional if you can leverage it into that much success.

Randy Moss is not a choir boy and he definitely comes with some baggage. At age 35 with a history of leaving teams on a bad note it seems like the odds are against him. Just like in 1998 when 20 teams passed on him in the draft every team in the league will be sorry they didn't give him a chance. Randy Moss will be a pro bowler next year mark my words. Carolina are you listening?

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