Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Over the years the NBA has seen its share of devastating moves and players who captivate us with their superior athletic ability. Some moves are perfected by exceptional players with unique physical skills while others mastered a specific technique. The signature move has gone the way of the franchise player. It is a concept that exists in the past. As a tribute to the legends of yester year here is a list of the NBA's 7 deadliest moves of all time.

The Devastating 7:

7. James Worthy baseline spin. During the Showtime era of the mid 80's the Worthy spin was unstoppable. It was so quick and precise defenders were often left standing still while James followed through with a tomahawk slam.

6. George Gervin finger roll. Probably the prettiest move on this list. At 6'8 George Gervin could finger roll on opponents at will. Whether it was from the free throw line or driving down the lane the finger roll resulted in instant scoring.

5. The Rick Barry underhand free throw. The ability to consistently average 90% from the free throw line can't be overstated. Sure, it looks a little girly, but if its that effective who cares? If Shaq or Dwight Howard perfected this move they would average 45 points a game ( Shaq in his prime of course).

4. The Tim Hardaway UTEP 2 step. Before Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant there was Tim Hardaway. Easily the most devastating crossover in the history of the NBA. Had it not been for a horrible knee injury in the early 90's there would be an hour long highlight reel dedicated to the ankle breaking exploits of Mr. Hardaway.

3. Tim Duncan off glass. No one has ever abused the backboard like Timmy D. It is such a fundamental and basaic move you wonder why everyone 6'9 and over isn't required to practice it for an hour everyday. The results speak for themselves don't they? I mean he only has like 4 championships right?

2. Hakeem Olajuwon dream shake. I got to sit on the baseline and watch Hakeem do his signature move in person. It's 10 times more impressive to watch it live than on TV. I don't fault big men for not trying to duplicate this one. Only one in 10,000 have the coordination to pull it off.

1. The Kareem sky hook. Is it any wonder Kareem Abdul Jabbar is the leading scorer in NBA history? It helps when you possess the most devastating shot the NBA has ever known. He's tried to pass his knowledge and expertise on to the next generation, but the dunk happy era hasn't responded. The sky hook is not very sportscenter friendly.

Tomorrow I will reveal the weapons of mass destruction WWF style!

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