Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Observations

It was a bounce back week in the world of fantasy football. After scoring only 59 points in one of my leagues last week I went off for 115 on Sunday. Unfortunately my opponent went off for 118 out of nowhere and I lost my match up. It's looking 50/50 for the playoffs. In my trash talking league I skated to victory because my opponent fell asleep at the wheel. He forgot to start a kicker and went with Oakland's defense. I wouldn't feel right if I gave myself too much credit for that one. In my newly formed trash talking league I lead my arch nemesis by 13 points going into tonight's game, but he's starting Moreno and the Denver kicker. This one will be a nail biter. It's all Reggie Bush's fault (once again) for false advertisement. I could've put someone else in his slot and cruised to victory. He's lucky I don't send Kim Kardashian over to his house in a santa's helper costume to mess with his head.

It was a C.R.E.A.M. weekend at the sportsbook. I was one shovel pass away from perfection. The Stanford pick was pure genius and poor Mr. St. Pierre in Carolina got to experience first hand what he had only seen on video games previously. Ed Reed came up with his 50th career interception and took it all the way back to the house. Vick stayed hot and Wisconsin took care of business. It's safe to say I have a limo, free champagne, and tickets to Celine Dion waiting for me the next time I head back to the desert. Congrats to Tom from Scottsdale on hitting the 3 team parlay. $500 turns to $3,000 real easy when you listen to Young Sam. Another shout out goes to Melissa in Mobile, AL who upgraded from a Hyundai to a Honda courtesy of 2 2 game parlays, a 3 game parlay, and 1 gutsy 4 team parlay. As I've said on numerous occasions you'll get a return on your investment if attention you pay. There are more testimonials available upon request. Here are some observations from the weekend.

Vince Young needs to see the same shrink as Ron Artest. With weapons like Randy Moss and Chris Johnson around him he still manages to melt down and finds himself in the doghouse again (this time permanently). Scratch that playoff talk.

Even with a loss yesterday Indy gets their playoff spot back (see previous comment).

Kansas City has the best running game in the NFL. The 1-2 punch of Thomas Jones and Jamal Charles has kept the Chief atop the AFC West.

If Jimmy Johnson had a cooler name that wasn't already taken by a hall of fame narcissistic coach we would probably give him more credit for winning 5 NASCAR championships in a row. It's an accomplishment that deserves more praise and attention than it's getting.

North Carolina is turning into the basketball equivalent of Notre Dame. The players think they can walk on the court with Jordan logo uniforms, point to Dean Smith, point to the rafters, and everyone will get scared and go home. It doesn't work that way. You have to actually play and win the game. Tough times ahead for UNC.

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