Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Shattered Glass Slipper

I usually don't like to tell be people I told you so, scratch that, I do like to tell people I told you so and I told you about Boise St. months ago. I don't want to rub salt in the wounds, but I've been fighting this battle all year. I even started asking myself, Am I being too hard on the Cowboys? Am I selling out to the establishment? Am I allowing myself to be brainwashed by corporate entities whose only purpose is to generate more revenue? After all until yesterday Boise St. hadn't lost a game in 3 seasons and had beaten some noteworthy opponents. They are fundamentally sound on both sides of the ball with playmakers at the skilled positions and a stingy defense. Kellen Moore has complete control of the offense and is considered one of the top quarterbacks in the country. This senior class at Boise St. has been doing the impossible for years now. The Boise St. supporters would ask me, don't they deserve to be in the conversation? Shouldn't they get their chance to play against the best in the country come bowl time?

The answer is no. Boise St. was a feel good story and nothing more. They were over achievers who managed to maximize their potential. The Ohio St. president last week said what most people in the country were already thinking. THEY DON'T PLAY ANYBODY! THEIR CONFERENCE IS WEAK! IF THEY PLAYED IN THE SEC, BIG 10, BIG 12, OR PAC 10 THEY WOULD HAVE MULTIPLE LOSSES! A ONE LOSS TEAM FROM A POWER CONFERENCE IS BETTER THAN AN UNDEFEATED BOISE ST. TEAM! Until last night the Cowboys were going to put some people in a very difficult position with regard to BCS voting. It's unfortunate their fate was sealed by a kicker missing 2 field goals of less than 30 yards. You hate to see your destiny taken away by a filthy, nasty kicker. In the end we learned a valuable lesson, Boise St. plays an exciting brand of football, but they're not a big time college football program. They tried to call winners on the big court and ended up getting passed over. Sorry little guy.

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