Friday, November 19, 2010

Young Sam Rothstein Is In The House

Ladies and gentlemen, family, fans, friends, and followers it is the return of Young Sam Rothstein. I took a little hiatus to refine my razor sharp skills and get back to my zen like ways. After careful analysis and review of the football landscape my finger is squarely on the pulse of things once again. It's mid November now and the wild card factors are in full effect. I have to go beyond the X's and O's. I need to know if the quarterback's girlfriend is knocked up, I need to know the wind velocity so I can judge the field goals, I need to know if the players are wearing Nike cleats or Adidas cleats, I need to know what kind of team meals these guys are eating, I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING! Now that I've gathered my facts I'll win enough money to make it rain like a Lil Wayne video. You're all welcome to join me of course as I share my knowledge free of charge for the betterment of those that support me. Thanks again for reading. Now let's make your lifestyle exciting! Follow my lead.

Wisconsin -4 over Michigan. Michigan's defense has no answer for Wisconsin's high powered offense and Denard Robinson is as fragile as Samuel L. Jackson in the movie Unbreakable. Michigan doesn't play well without the lead and Wisconsin will jump on them early.

Stanford -6 1/2 over Cal. I almost never take the road team in a rivalry game giving up points, but Young Sam has a hunch about this one. Look for Andrew Luck to have a big game. All bets are off though if if Shane Vereen is wearing the yellow cleats. He's superstitious and he thinks they give him special powers.

Baltimore -11 over Carolina. The game is on the road, but who cares? Carolina is starting Brian St. Pierre at quarterback and he's had insomnia problems all season. The medication he's on makes him sluggish and the Ravens defense will take advantage. Vegas has set the bar high at 11 points so this might be a trap game, but I still say bet against Brian St. Pierre. Who the hell is he?

St. Louis +3 over Atlanta. Sam Bradford is at home getting points and the Falcons are coming off a signature win against Baltimore. There will be an emotional let down plus Atlanta is not a great road team. As a side note Matt Ryan likes to drink peach flavored snapple before the games to calm his nerves and they don't sell that flavor in St. Louis. He may be a little edgy.

Philadelphia over New York. Follow the gamblers creed and ride the hot hand. Michael Vick's hand is hotter than that kid in the X-Men movies right about now. Don't expect a repeat of Monday night, but they can cover the 3.

See you at the cashiers cage!

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