Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Does American Tennis Have A Pulse?

Before the rain came down on Flushing Meadows yesterday the US open draw had a very unfamiliar look to it. There were Americans all over the place and some of them had even put themselves in a position to win the tournament.

Four American men made the round of 16 (unfortunately Mardy Fish lost a heartbreaking 5 set match) one American woman made the quarterfinals (Sensational Serena Williams) and a mixed doubles pair (Joe Sock and Melanie Oudin) made the semi finals.

John Isner is playing some of his best tennis of the year while Andy Roddick is looking more confident and relaxed than he has in 2 years. Donald Young has finally had a break out tournament that may lead to future success and the Sock/Oudin tandem (18 and 19 respectively) are too young to realize the magnitude of what they could accomplish.

Meanwhile Serena Williams is running through the women's draw punking fools like Deebo for their gold chain and bicycle. It doesn't seem fair that the 28 seed imposes that much fear in her opponents.

Is the 2011 US Open an apparition or a glimpse into the future? If I had to look at it objectively I'd have to say the Americans overachieved thus far and it would be a mistake to get too excited about it. The New York crowd usually gives the players a little extra energy and this year the Americans have taken advantage of it.

Whether or not the Americans continue with their winning ways it's been a compelling 1st week at the US Open. American stuff aside Nadal, Djokovic, and Federer have unfinished business and Jo-Wilfred Tsonga may want to crash the party as well. At the end of the day my money is on Nadal, but with the weather delays it's any body's guess.

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