Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week One Fantasy Football Results

My quest for fantasy football supremacy got off to a decent start. In my trash talking league the Breesy kind of took advantage of me and Kenny Britt had the game of his life. I countered with Vick and Desean Jackson, but Johnny Knox and Ryan Grant gave me nothing. That squad needs a little tweaking.

In my hurt your feelings league I put a beautiful hurting on those chumps. Aaron Rodgers? Wes Welker? Ravens defense? David Akers? Need I say more? In all fairness I did beat the snot piss out of someone who didn't play fantasy football last year and he's still getting his feet wet. Nonetheless I put on a masterful performance and everyone in that league should fear me from here to eternity.

In my family league (my dad and I battle against my uncle and his co-workers) it was a nail biter. Sebastian Janikowski was kicking field goals like some prehistoric dinosaur and if he had made one more I would have lost the match up. Fortunately Megatron and Ed Reed saved the day for me. Phillip Rivers had a decent day, but he could do more. As for Mark Ingram? I'm not returning his text messages this week. He apologized profusely for his bad performance, but I'm not having it right now. It will take a lot to change my mindset right now.

On a side note, I have to admit I made a slight error in my division winner predictions. Kansas City is garbage and now that they've lost their starting safety and tight end for the entire season they have no chance of winning the AFC West. Dex and Trav, I hope you're happy. It's not too often I admit I was wrong (that's because I'm not wrong too often). Good luck next week fantasy football warriors. If you have any tid bits or breaking trends please don't hesitate to share your knowledge.

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