Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Notre Dame Football Gets On My Nerves

Friends, fans, family, and followers it's time for my annual blog on the ridiculousness that is Notre Dame football. The fighting Irish entered Saturday's game vs. USF as the #16 team in the country and aspirations of playing in a BCS bowl game. Some experts even predicted a 10 win season. Those experts were wrong.

Notre Dame is over hyped every single year and in typical Notre Dame fashion the party's over before it even got started. USF upset the Irish at home with a stunning 23-20 victory. 3 turnovers inside the 5 yard line were costly and now they have to go to the Big House and play in the first night game ever at Ann Arbor. Can you say 0-2?

To make matters worse the Irish have started a quarterback controversy by benching Dane Crist in favor of back up Tommy Rees. After winning the job in the offseason it only took Crist one half to lose it? Change this early in the year is a sign of uncertainty. It's the type of decision that can divide a locker room and once college kids start second guessing the head coach there's almost no chance they will play as a cohesive unit.

I don't know why I love to hate Notre Dame so much. Perhaps it's because they live on past greatness like no other program. Perhaps it's because they have an exclusive TV contract for no apparent reason. Maybe it's because all of their so called "star players" of the past 20 years have all turned out to be garbage ( I hope Golden Tate can reverse that trend). Whatever the reason Notre Dame is a source of irritation with me and I like to see them do poorly.

It would be cool if the Fighting Irish used this blog as motivation to get themselves pumped up for next week's game, but I suspect they're too emotionally shell shocked to find themselves right now. It's only going to get worse from here so Notre Dame fans feel free to set up support groups all over the country. You'll need it.

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