Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Keith Price Will Never Be Jake Locker

To the objective observer the comparison isn't even close. Keith Price is a better quarterback than Jake Locker. Matt Millen gushed all over the guy like a Justin Bieber groupie two weeks ago and during the Cal game a commentator even went so far as to say, "Jake who?" The announcers probably don't realize it, but in Seattle you're not really supposed to say that out loud. It's a sensitive subject that stirs up controversy in the 206.

Jake Locker is one of the most beloved sports figures the city has ever known and on his best day Keith Price will never be able to gain that status. It has nothing to do with his ability however. It's because of the sentimental attachment the city has for Jake Locker. Montlake Jake is a local kid that resurrected the Husky football program and held it together through tough times. He made personal sacrifices by returning for his senior year (passing up at least 25 million dollars in the process) and bridging the gap between an 0-12 season and a respectable 6-6 campaign.

As we speak Keith Price leads the nation in touchdown passes and has a 67% completion percentage. He's unbelievably accurate, poised in the pocket, and does everything you can ask of a quarterback. His decision making skills are excellent and you have a good idea of where the ball is going when it leaves his hand. Keith Price is a better quarterback than Jake Locker.

I say this as a Husky alumni that watched every single game of Jake Locker's collegiate career. Whenever Jake threw a deep pass there was always an uneasy feeling. He struggled with his accuracy and sometimes didn't know his own strength. When Keith Price throws a deep pass I wonder who is going to catch a touchdown. There's an anticipation something big is going to happen.

Jake Locker was a far better athlete than Keith Price and his leadership abilities are unparalleled, but if you're being honest the Husky offense runs much smoother with Keith at the helm. The skeptics will argue it's only been 4 games and playing quarterback is about more than just throwing the ball, but that same argument proves the point. It's only been 4 games. Imagine what this kid will look like by season's end?

Keith Price could lead the Huskies to the national championship game and there would be more fans in the stadium wearing #10 jerseys than #17. It is the curse of following in the footsteps of a legend. Football is not a popularity contest however and I have no doubt Keith Price will write his own chapter in the history of Husky football. It just won't capture the hearts and minds of Husky fans the way Jake Locker did. See what you started Matt Millen!

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