Saturday, September 10, 2011

Is Twitter Bad For Sports?

Twitter gives us the opportunity to voice our opinions and thoughts anytime we feel like it to a world wide audience. The freedom, the power, and the accessibility is more than some people can handle.

While freedom of speech is a right all Americans have it's a privilege that has its consequences. Those that live in the moment and those ruled by their emotions can get themselves into trouble with the words and the feelings they share. Expressing yourself doesn't always yield the desired result.

As a sports enthusiast I watch athletes put their foot in their mouth all the time. The backlash and the criticism can be severe and it almost makes you wonder why did they say anything at all? Don't they know the whole world is listening? Would you stop them from using twitter for their own good if you had the chance?

I'm against censorship, but I'm also against athletes who make asinine comments that grow into full blown controversies. The impulsive actions of one person can affect an entire game, team, city , or university.

You can't tell people what to say, how to think, or how to feel. Individual expression is what makes us who we are. That being said the golden age of technology has pitfalls and obstacles that athletes must adjust to. Twitter isn't bad for sports, but it's not good either. So long as people act before they think it will always have the potential to be a problem.

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