Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The New York Jets Will Win The AFC Title

After watching the latest installment of HBO's Hard Knocks I'm convinced the New York Jets will win the AFC title this year (that is if they sign Darrelle Revis of course). This team reminds me so much of the Dallas Cowboys in the early 90's it's ridiculous. It all starts with Rex Ryan. He's cocky, brash, arrogant, and wants his team to believe they are the best on the planet. He's a perfect blend of Buddy Ryan and Jimmy Johnson. For now we'll just call him Buddy Johnson. Never mind what coach Dungy said about his language, his players respond to him and carry his personality onto the field. Coach Dungy has to realize most people aren't as spiritual as he is and some find it difficult to walk with God everyday. It's much easier to hit people, talk trash, and flourish in an environment that encourages that attitude. It is also very evident from Hard Knocks how much Buddy Johnson misses Revis Island and that he never thought in a million years he would go this far into training camp without his star cornerback. The Jets are making the same mistake the Seattle Seahawks made a few years ago with Steve Hutchinson. They underestimated his importance to that particular team and were unwilling to pay him what he was worth. In the end they realized the error of their ways but it was too late. The offense has never been the same. There's still time for New York to get the heart and soul of the team back and play for a super bowl. They have enough talent otherwise, they just need to sure up the playmaker and keep the chemistry intact. Doesn't New York vs. Dallas have a nice ring to it? Watch Hard Knocks and you'll see what I mean.

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