Saturday, August 28, 2010

Clarett And Kindle

It is clear after hearing the stories of Maurice Clarett and Sergio Kindle that football defines certain people. It is not only what they do, but who they are. Some people can't imagine doing anything else with their lives. The dream should be over for Maurice Clarett. He challenged the NFL and lost, then after sitting out a full season blew his try out with the Denver Broncos. 5 years later after a prison stint he still has aspirations of playing pro football and was granted permission to try out for an IFL team. Sergio Kindle is so consumed by football he is willing to risk his life to get back on the field. He literally wants to play linebacker this season with a fractured skull. Although the doctors say the skull is healing faster than expected why would anyone take a chance with the protection of their brain? The logical thing to do is take every precaution necessary to prolong his life after football and take the entire season off yet Sergio is doing the exact opposite. It's sad to think the sport has such a hold on these 2 young men that they won't even consider what other options life has to offer. The system has failed them.

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