Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Does Baseball Have A Pulse?

Just when I thought the 2010 baseball season was completely uneventful in comes Brandon Phillips of the Cincinnati Reds. Arguably the best 2nd baseman in the game and the catalyst of the surging Reds, Phillips spoke from the heart and called out his rivals. Brandon referred to the St. Louis Cardinals as "whiney little bitches." The Cardinals took offense (naturally) and a bench clearing brawl ensued during last mights game. Personally I find this refreshing. It's good to see opposing athletes don't have to be friends all the time and that there is still some emotion in sports. Animosity for your rivals makes sports exciting. It's the corporate entities that subdue the enthusiasm for the game while the media creates an atmosphere of brotherly love on the playing field. Fans however love the confrontations. I say let there be bad blood! Isn't the outcome more intriguing when the 2 teams genuinely don't like each other? If nothing else I bet you'll keep your eye on the next time Cincinnati and St Louis meet. These 2 in a playoff series is just what baseball needs to get out of its funk.

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