Saturday, August 21, 2010

Braves Will Win The NL Pennant

The acquisition of Derek Lee by the Atlanta Braves was a shrewd move and will pay big dividends down the stretch for the playoffs. Combining Lee with the likes of Jason Heyward and Martin Prado gives the Braves enough fire power to hold off the Phillies for the division title. Philadelphia still makes the playoffs however along with the Cincinnati Reds and my sleeper team the San Francisco Giants. The Padres (who have been red hot as of late) will cool off and the bitch ass Cardinals (Brandon Phillips words not mine) don't have enough left in the tank. I pick the Braves to win the pennant because the other teams involved in the chase will be exhausted. The battle for the wildcard berth may actually come down to the final game if not an extra game like last years AL Central division clash. Philadelphia and San Francisco both have better pitching but they will have to expend too much energy just to get in. Cincinnati will just be happy to be there so by process of elimination the Yankees will face Atlanta in a repeat of the 1996 World Series match up. I know it's only August 21st and a little premature to make predictions this bold so far in advance but I am the Oracle. I see things before they happen.

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