Monday, August 30, 2010

Fantasy Draft Day Analysis

I had 2 more fantasy drafts over the weekend and they were dramatically different. The first draft was the first time I participated in the auction style. It's no surprise that my philosophy was to spend big for the marquee players early and fill out the rest of my roster with quality players at bargain prices. Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder would be proud. Implementing this technique I ended up with Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, Reggie Bush, and LeSean McCoy. My team is very superstar driven and if the stars do what they're supposed to do Ill annihilate the competition in this league. I feel good about this one. The 2nd draft was picked for me by the computer. I had a previous engagement and couldn't make the selections personally. The computer didn't do me too dirty, but it auto picked way too many receivers. Fortunately 2 of them were Randy Moss and Reggie Wayne. I will have to be much more hands on in this league, wheeling and dealing and adding and dropping players. I have to take more of a Pete Carroll approach with this team. It will be fun to see which style is more successful throughout the course of the season. If I had to guess I would say the team with the stars will shine the brightest. At any rate I have 3 teams total with which to conduct this experiment. Can't wait for the results.

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