Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jake Locker Is Crazy

For a college educated young man Jake Locker makes some very questionable decisions. I'm not talking about audibles or interceptions (Jakes accuracy has improved dramatically since Sark took over) I'm talking about the decision to come back to the UW for his senior season. By all accounts there will be a rookie wage in the NFl next year and the #1 pick in the draft won't make $50,000,000 guaranteed dollars ever again. With that door closed it's safe to say Jake easily cost himself $30,000,000 staying in school. Then there's the Leinhart effect. When Matt Leinhart came back for his senior season it gave everyone an extra year to pick apart his game and dwell on his flaws. Projected to go in the top 3 Leinhart fell 7 places to 10. That drop probably cost him $15,000,000. And of course the biggest risk of all is injury. In a sport where you can break your ankle or shred your knee on any given play it's hard to rationalize how the benefits of coming back to college outweigh the opportunities presented to him if he left. In the end I'm hoping for a cinderella story where Jake wins the Heisman, the Huskies go 8-4, and win a bowl game. Jake Locker saves the program and becomes the greatest Husky of all time. He's sacrificed a lot so lets hope he gets it!

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