Friday, August 27, 2010

Cleavie The Greek Predicts Couture Over Toney

It's not that I think Randy Couture hits harder than James Toney nor do I think Randy would win a boxing match between these two opponents. The key to Randy Couture winning on Saturday is very simple. James Toney's skill set ( or lack there of) won't serve him well in the octagon. Certainly James Toney packs a powerful punch and he's used to fighting 12 round fights, but it's all the other things that go into mixed martial arts that will give him trouble. The wrestling holds, the grappling, the ground game, and having your opponent dive at your legs is completely foreign to a boxer. The only way James Toney can be successful in this fight is if he keeps Randy in front of him and they stay on their feet. Conversely Randy can beat James Toney in a variety of ways, most notably taking him out of his comfort zone. I'm assuming Randy is smart enough to do that. If he goes into the octagon pumped up and full of himself trying to prove he can out box James Toney it's going to be a long night for him. With smaller gloves against an experienced boxer Randy will get his head knocked off. As long as he plays to his strengths and takes advantage of Toney's inexperience in the octagon it should be a relatively easy fight. We'll see on Saturday.

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