Thursday, August 19, 2010

Corey Pavin Can Save The Drama

As captain of the Ryder Cup Corey Pavin has the final say on the last 2 roster spots that don't receive automatic bids. He has speculated for months that if Tiger Woods didn't earn an automatic bid he may or may not select him for the team. This is what we call in the sports world a power trip. Corey Pavin is taking advantage of his position to invoke his own brand of justice. Just like so many others Corey resents the fact that Tiger Woods is bigger than golf and is the lifeline of the sport. He is going to take this opportunity to make the worlds #1 golfer and the athlete of the decade squirm and grovel out of animosity. His flimsy argument is that he wants to take the best golfers without providing preferential treatment to anyone. His motives are clear enough, put Tiger in his place and send him a message, but in reality he's making a huge mistake. The revenue and interest in golf has been down right embarrassing since Tiger Woods hasn't been himself. Leaving him off the Ryder Cup team would guarantee that the match up would have absolutely no viewership and very little relevance otherwise. Sponsors would be furious and PGA officials would probably have to step in and overrule him. There's too much at stake for his pettiness. Corey Pavin thinks he has the final say but does he really?

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