Monday, August 23, 2010

Jay Mariotti's Glass House

Jay Mariotti is a popular sportswriter and a regular on the ESPN show Around The Horn. He's known for his no nonsense take on sports and his coverage of Chicago teams. Most people see Jay as abrasive and principled. Just last week he threw the book at Francisco Rodriguez for letting his team down and not showing personal restraint in a domestic violence dispute. In years past he's criticized athletes such as Warren Moon, Albert Belle, and Jason Kidd for getting into altercations with their spouse or girlfriends and not living up to the role model tag. After the events of early Saturday Jay finds himself cast in the same ugly light he has shun on so many others in the past. Should we wait to hear his side of the story before passing judgement? Should we wait until all the facts are in? Or should we rake him over the coals and grill him like a Coho Salmon? Of course we should grill him. Jay Mariotti has made a very comfortable living criticizing athletes for momentary lapses in judgement and "being human." Do I think Jay Mariotti is a woman beater? No. Do I think Jay got into a heated argument that went a little further than it should of? Yes. Do I think people should take it easy on Jay? HELL NO ! There can be no double standard in this instance. If he can dish it out so coldly he can certainly take the ridicule himself. I bet he'll cover sports from now on with a much different perspective. A perspective that realizes people aren't perfect, they make mistakes, and emotions sometimes makes you do things you wouldn't ordinarily do. A humanistic approach. More like say......Cleavie Wonder? Welcome Jay. Good to see you.

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