Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Matt Leinhart Is Not An NFL Quarterback

In the beginning I believed in Matt Leinhart. I believed when he won the Heisman Trophy, I believed when he came back for his senior season, and I believed when Pete Carroll's reckless play calling cost the Trojans back to back national championships. I believed when Leinhart and Reggie Bush were Sports Illustrated's sportsmen of the year and I cursed the Titans and the Jets for passing on him in the draft. I defended Matt when the coach yelled at him for having hot chicks beer bonging at his house and I defended him when Kurt Warner got the starting nod. I am a realist however and 5 years later the writing is on the wall. Matt Leinhart is not an NFL quarterback. His coaches don't believe in him and his teammates don't believe in him. The coach is already talking about changing the offense to accommodate Leinhart and he doesn't sound very confident. The secret is out, Matt Leinhart doesn't handle blitzes very well and that will be a problem with a mediocre offensive line. The speed of the game overwhelms him and I guarantee he will not finish the season as the Cardinals starting quarterback. Don't label Matt Leinhart a failure. He's made $10,000,000 playing football and he's not the first or the last quarterback to fall victim to the NFL. Truth be told he is a product of the system. USC had superior talent the entire time he was there. If your team is better than your opponent at every position you'll win a lot of games and look good doing it. Matt will have a fantastic career as a broadcaster in a year or two as long as he doesn't pull a Sean Salisbury on us. Good luck Matt. Sorry it didn't work out.

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