Saturday, June 26, 2010

Where Is Landonmania?

Landonmania should be upon us by now. Everywhere I go I should see Donovan Jerseys. In every restaurant and bar he should be the topic of conversation. Landon Donovan has come through repeatedly on the worlds biggest stage but he is far from a household name in America. As the US continues to advance at the World Cup perhaps his status will change. Maybe Nike, Gatorade, and Haynes will demand that Landon endorse their product. Maybe kids on soccer fields across the country will emulate the moves they see Landon perform in South Africa. Maybe he'll be linked to one of the Kardashian girls. My prediction is that Landon Donovan's name will have a buzz so long as the US keeps winning, but it will never generate the following it deserves. As soon as the World Cup is over (assuming the US doesn't win the whole thing) he'll go back to playing 2nd fiddle in the MLS to David Beckham in front of modest soccer crowds. If this were anywhere else Landon Donovan would be a national hero already. The fact that most people don't even know his name is further evidence that soccer is not that big here in the states. Hopefully the success the United States has experienced in this World Cup will lay the foundation for the future. In the present time however what a waste of a golden opportunity. Forgive our apathy Landon. It's not your fault.

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  1. Well written! However, the MLS is growing rather rapidly here in the US. Also, Donavan is a excellent player. But he still doesn't have the talent that some of the players have overseas.