Monday, June 14, 2010

England's Most Wanted

Futbol fans in England are up in arms right about now. The reaction to the "soft" goal allowed by Robert Green over the weekend is a perfect example of how important soccer is to the world. With one play a goaltender went from hero to goat and became England's most wanted. It's unfortunate the United States doesn't take soccer more seriously. Although I understand why soccer is not more popular in this country (check out my blog from May 17) I find myself wishing it were. The World Cup brings out passion, nationalism, and pride from other nations the US doesn't experience. That goal will live in infamy in England for years to come yet most people in this country don't even know it happened. It has less significance than who will join the PAC 10 next year. It seems almost disrespectful that the United States cares so little about a sport that means so much to so many people. I don't see this mindset changing anytime soon and for the time being America will have to get used to the fact we are not the focal point of the world's most popular sport. Not to worry, footbal season is around the corner and we can become self absorbed once again.

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