Friday, June 25, 2010

Protect Ya Neck

It's all fun and games until somebody sprains an ankle, ruptures a tendon, or breaks a bone. The life of a professional athlete is a precarious one. On the one hand athletes would like to lead a normal life and have fun like everyone else. Conversely athletes are a walking breathing commodity and they have to protect themselves at all times. Steve Smith broke his arm in a freak accident playing flag football and will miss training camp. The NFL doesn't have LNI so who's gonna pay for this fiasco? The incident is reminiscent of Robert Edwards a few years back who tore ligaments in both knees playing touch football in the sand. A career lost playing around in an exhibition. Steve Smith will be ready for the regular season but the accident is a friendly reminder to all athletes that you have to be mindful of your body and your livelihood. Chances are there's nothing else you can do with the earning potential of playing your respective sport. Stay isolated in the house if you have to, but don't let recreational activities ruin your chance at success. There's a small window of opportunity to achieve as much fame and wealth as you can. Stick to poker, video games, and dominoes. The world will understand.

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