Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top 5 Most Corrupt NCAA Programs

Alot has been made about the sanctions imposed against USC and the lack of institutional control under the watchful eye of Pete Carroll and Tim Floyd. Although the allegations are severe USC is far from the worst offender in college athletics over the last 20 years. With no further adieu here is my list of the top 5 most corrupt NCAA programs of the last 2 decades.

5. UNLV. Anytime you have players hanging out in a hot tub drinking beer with someone convicted of fixing sporting events and your star recruit gets arrested for selling crack there's a problem. The Las Vegas environment is not conducive to staying out of trouble.

4. USC. The Reggie Bush family lives in a mini mansion rent free for 3 years and OJ Mayo gets little manila envelopes slipped into his inside pocket? Is it any wonder there's no more open practices at Southern Cal?

3. Michigan. I always wondered how the Fab 5 came together. As it turns out they were paid for play. Boosters shelled out almost $750,000 for Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, and Chris Webber. For that kind of money the least they could've done is win a national championship (like everyone else on this list).

2. Oklahoma. I'm not sure these guys even went to school. Brian Bosworth had a Jeep and a Corvette while playing for the Sooners if that tells you anything. Their athletic dormitory was filled with guns, drugs, and sexually assaulted women. The Dallas Cowboys would be proud.

1. Miami. From Pell Grant fraud to assaults to burglaries you name it, the Miami Hurricanes did it. There are at least 42 extra pages in the NCAA rule book because of violations Miami committed. When Luke Skywalker is your #1 booster bad things are bound to happen. The most talented and lawless program ever.

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