Saturday, June 12, 2010

The 5 Greatest Sports Venues In America

The sporting world is filled with fantastic venues to watch a sporting event. Every stadium built seems to set a new standard for excellence almost making the older stadiums obsolete. These colossal structures take forever to build and cost an arm and a leg but once their completed everybody forgets about it in a year or so. It's not always about the amenities, but most of the time it is. There are very few stadiums these days where the game is the main attraction(sad but true). For your viewing pleasure I give you my list of the 5 greatest sporting venues in America.

5. Husky Stadium. Not just because I'm biased, but because of the landscape. The lake, the view of the mountains, and the unique design make it special. Hands down the best stadium in college football. Where else can you pull up to the game on your yacht?

4. Toronto Sky dome. It's not the greatest, but it's my favorite. The amenities in this place are off the charts. Where else can you watch a world series game from your hotel room if you chose?

3. Wrigley Field. The last of the authentics. Not a cost effective model, but rich in tradition. Eventually they will have to tear it down (box suite revenue is king in sports) and re-create it as best they can. For now soak up the atmosphere.

2. Yankee Stadium. For a team who's motto is you get what you pay for and you pay for what you want Yankee Stadium exceeds all expectations of what a stadium should be. For an extra $5,000 you can get a personal assistant to wipe the hot dog relish from the corners of your mouth.

1. Cowboys Stadium. This is the kind of stadium King Tut, Caesar, or Zeus would have built. No expense was spared. This thing is light years ahead of anything and everything. Moet flows from the water fountains and waiters come around at halftime to pass out chocolate covered strawberries.

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