Saturday, June 19, 2010

The New Muppet Show

After the last 2 years of disappointment and failure it appears the puppet showdown between Lebron and Kobe was a little premature. Lebron hasn't accomplished enough to be considered a worthy adversary of Kobe's regardless of how hard Nike and the NBA try to push a rivalry. The true adversary is Jordan, Michael Jordan. After Kobe wrapped up his 5th title it sent a clear message to Jordan, objects in your rear view mirror are closer than they appear. For years it has been a foregone conclusion that no one would catch up to Michael and his 6 championships. Now that Kobe has 5 he is knocking on the door. He is in the conversation of best ever. He's 2 titles away and he has 3 dominating years left in those legs. Jordan and Kobe should be next years puppet showdown. With so much on the line from a historical perspective it seems only right. There are some that would argue Jordan is the greatest ever regardless of Kobe's accomplishments. I say rings don't lie and Kobe is the only legitimate heir to the thrown. If he gets 2 more he's #1 in my book. Stay tuned.

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