Friday, June 11, 2010

Duck Hunting Season

You can show someone the path to success, but you can't make them take the journey. Such is the case with Jeremiah Masoli. Once a Heisman hopeful with aspirations of winning a national championship the former Oregon Quarterback has taken a hard fall from grace. After being suspended for pleading guilty to burglary charges 5 months ago Jeremiah recently had another run in with the law. He was charged with driving with a suspended license and possessing a small amount of marijuana. All that was missing was the firearm and stripper. It seems crazy to think that a star athlete would throw away his career and a chance to make millions by making irresponsible decisions. It is unlikely that his next profession will have the earning potential of an NFL quarterback. The lesson to be learned here is that money and opportunity doesn't always change a person. There is more to being a star athlete than athletic ability. Not everyone is willing to make that sacrifice. I believe in 2nd chances, but a 3rd chance is pushing it. There are too many other people waiting in the wings willing to make the sacrifice to waste time and energy on a headcase. No need to feel sorry for Jeremiah. just recognize his true colors and move on. In the long standing argument of nature vs. nurture nature wins this battle. Jeremiah was living in the friendly community of Eugene and extended every luxury and perk yet these benefits were not enough for him to change his ways. Instead of asking why just say oh well.

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