Thursday, June 24, 2010

The NBA Similac Draft

The NBA draft is today and I find myself asking the question is it a good idea to put a franchise in the hands of a 19 year old? I don't mean draft a player and develop them into a star, I mean draft a player with the idea they will be your team's best player and lead an organization to the playoffs. The concept has only worked a handful of times which is why high schoolers are no longer eligible for the draft. I was having this debate with a friend a few days back and the numbers don't support the youngsters. They're better off going to college for at least a year. I've compiled a list of the best and the worst high school players ever drafted. The asterisk denotes a championship.

All High School Team:

Kevin Garnett*
Moses Malone*
Kobe Bryant*****
Lebron James
Jermaine O'Neal

Honorable Mention:

Tracy McGrady
Rashard Lewis
Al Jefferson
Dwight Howard
Andrew Bynum**

All Disappointment Team:

Kwame Brown
Robert Swift
Shaun Livingston
Darius Miles
Jonathan Bender

More draft analysis on Monday.

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