Friday, June 18, 2010

A Little Something For Laker Haters Worldwide

After games 2,4, and 5 of the NBA finals my phone rang off the hook. Countless people chimed in to give me their opinion on the downfall of the "Fakers". I didn't take the phone calls personal. I understand there is a legion of fans that hope, wish, and pray for the Lakers to lose. It's hard for them to wrap their hands around the concept of destiny and prophecy. I patiently listened to the fans and their harsh criticism with a sympathetic ear. After game 7 the silence was deafening. Suddenly no one had 2 kind words to say to me. All the smack talkers disappeared. It was as if the inevitable victory broke the spirit of Laker haters like Bo Jackson breaking a bat over his knee. To be fair the championship was never in question. The demise of Laker Nation was GREATLY exaggerated. The Celtics are a storied franchise with multiple championships in the past (only 2 in the last 25 years) but the leprechauns are old and they don't have Kobe Bean Bryant. When you have the best player on the planet good things will happen. The lord of basketball simply imposed his will on Boston and in typical fashion they wilted. The outcome was never in doubt. Take nothing from the Celtics, they played their hearts out and made the series much closer than it ever should have been. Give them credit for that, just give the Lakers more for being all they could be. I feel sorry for for Celtic fans because they want something they simply can't have, Kobe's legacy and championship. I am in the process of doing some research to see if there are some therapy groups out there to help with the depression. The first step to recovery is admitting the truth. I can help with this. Laker haters say it with me out loud, THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS. One more time with feeling, THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS. The first step is always the hardest but I know you can do it. Feel free to call me, I'm here all week.


  1. On behalf of the Tobey bryant haters, I submit my retort to your laker hater blog. I never liked and still don't like people crying about poor refereeing. That all changed once I bore witness to the infamous Seahawks vs SteAlers super bowl. I recovered for a bit then was jolted after watching the Huskies get robbed against West Virginia. These are not isolated instances. Some time later, I reflected a bit and remembered the wise words of Rebel INS, “Cash Rules Everything Around Me”. This applies, as much as I hate it, within the world of sports. Granted, the amount of corrpution differs in each sport. It's a given that many college recruits receive “illegal” benefits. Taking it to the NBA, I stopped watching after seeing my Sonics bought out. Bottom line, it was about the money. Not too long ago, there was no way to hide that NBA refs were being bought. Is this also an isolated incident? I highly doubt it. Examine the highly lucrative contracts being signed today. Is it that unfathomable to believe that only the athletes are about the money? We know owners are. How about other behind the scene puppet masters, including but not limited to investors and booster members? And that is my first point, jaded as it may appear. The refs in game 7 were merely the striped marionettes. Pulling the strings were those whose pockets would be lined. In my eyes, destiny and prophecy are code words for fixed and corrupt.

    My second point hinges upon the misapplied barometer that the masses use when defining greatness. To cut to the chase, championships/rings are not a true measure of excellence. So tobey has 5 and M.J. six. Well, Steve Kerr and Don Nelson have 5 too. Applying the championship argument, does that mean Kerr is as “great” as tobey? Simply put, no. I'd take Gary the Glove (1x champ) over Kerr any day. Ron Harper has 5 championships too. Does that mean he's as good as tobey and Magic (5x)? Come on now, tobey yes, but not Magic. I'd choose Clyde Drexler (1x) over Harper in terms of greatness. Clyde has one, but Dominique Wilkins zero? Please, Dominique- don't hurt them!

    I beseech you to consider using another measure when defining greatness. Take a glimpse at fg%, turnovers, and so forth to see tobey exposed for what he really is....OVERRATED! And that is my last point, tobey is alright, but he gets way too much credit for what he's worth. The league was desperate to appoint a new ambassador. Timing was everything for him. tobey's mechanical form was the only thing that could be compared to M.J. Nothing else. The magic trick has been revealed. I chose the red pill and have seen the machines that truly control my perception of the world. I can only hope that you'll choose the red pill as well.

  2. I feel you on the referee thing. I believe the league does have a preference as to who wins because of the dollars involved. That's not to say they "fix" games, but perhaps there's a slant to how the game is officiated. Nevertheless the outcome is not predetermined. They still have to go out and do it. Using rings as a barometer for greatness is legitimate. Championships validate greatness in this society. Steve Kerr and Don Nelson were role players, not franchise players. There's no way to downplay the fact that Kobe has 5 rings as the marquee guy. Sure the first 3 peat included Shaq, but that doesn't take away from the accomplishment. Harper has 5, Rodman has 5, and Horry has 7, but those guys weren't the focal point of the team. It is only natural to make the comparison with Jordan and when Kobe gets to 6 the conversation really heats up. Stay tuned.

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