Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Observations

It was fantasy football draft weekend and I must say I'm pretty impressed with my squads.  What a surprise right?  I can honestly say I kept my emotions in check and made my selections based on empirical data, not who my favorite players are.  I still ended up with a few, but not as many as I would have liked.  Oh well, business is business and I want my chips!  Here's how my teams turned out:

Hurt Your Feelings League:

Drew Brees
Reggie Bush
Giovanni Bernard
Tavon Austin
T.Y. Hilton
Mike Wallace
Sebastian Janikowski
Cincinnati Defense

Trash Talking League:

Peyton Manning
CJ Spiller
David Wilson
Randall Cobb
Torrey Smith
Mike Wallace
David Akers
Houston Defense

Practice League:

Peyton Manning
Shady McCoy
David Wilson
Brandon Marshall
Vincent Jackson
Jared Cook
Steven Hauschka
Washington Defense

My trash talking team is probably the best, but my practice league has some suspect managers.  That will be the easiest league to win for me.  Here are some observations over the weekend.

Vince Young and Matt Leinart have made their way back to the NFL with Green Bay and Buffalo respectively.  I guess the draft class of 2006 has staying power after all.

The New York Jets quarterback situation is starting to look like a high school science project gone wrong.  Too many elements and none of them are achieving the desired results.  It's obvious the Jets can't win with Geno Smith or Mark Sanchez at the helm.

It's been reported Dwight Howard wanted the Lakers to amnesty Kobe Bryant and fire Mike D'Antoni before he would sign an extension.  I can understand the D'Antoni part, but getting rid of the Black Mamba?  He'll pay for that one.  Kobe has a long memory and he's an evil dude.  There will be hell to pay once he finds this out.

The Seattle Sounders drew 67, 385 fans to see the debut of Clint Dempsey yesterday.  That's the 2nd largest crowd in the history of the MLS.  Wow.  Hope Clint is all that!

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