Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Does Sean Payton Deserve A Second Chance?

"Cleavie, I gotta tell you I was a big Sean Payton before all the bounty stuff, but now I can honestly say I've completely lost respect for the guy.  I just can't condone that kind of behavior. I don't think there's any place for it in the NFL."

John O'Malley

After serving a one year suspension for his role in the bounty scandal Sean Payton has returned as head coach of the New Orleans Saints.  Although Payton paid DEARLY for his past indiscretion it is clear there are football fans out there who feel he's done permanent damage to his reputation.  Does Sean Payton deserve a second chance?

To be fair, the length of Sean Payton's suspension was never really about the alleged bounties, it was about Roger Goodell establishing his presence of authority.  When Goodell told the Saints organization to stop the program Payton was defiant and chose not to listen.  Goodell wanted to make an example of the Saints and show the rest of the league what will happen if you disobey a direct order from the commissioner.

For the record I don't think the Saints were the only team that had this kind of program in place and I don't think Saints players set out to intentionally end someone's career.  The NFL is a brotherhood and there are unwritten rules.  Certain lines you just don't cross.  Football is a violent game and there are too many opportunities to get even or retaliate for malicious plays. If you notice past and present players never spoke negatively about the situation or thought their safety was in jeopardy.  Sean Payton paid his debt to society and that's all we can ask.  Your thoughts?

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