Wednesday, August 28, 2013

AFC East Preview

Typically this division is a one team race and this year won't be any different.  The New York teams are in complete disarray and the team from South Florida has more questions than answers.  That being said this is the NFL and things can change from season to season.  Ok, I don't really believe that when it comes to the AFC East.  More likely than not Bob Kraft's team will come out victorious and the other teams will suck.  Here's how I think the division will shake out.

New England:  11-5

Tom Brady lost his security blanket, the defense is suspect, and the tight end position is an issue.  Even with all those changes they are the Patriots and they always find a way to win.  With 2 games against the Bills and 2 games against the Jets it's hard to believe New England won't win this division going away.

Miami Dolphins:  8-8

Lamar Miller better be as good as they think he is or the Dolphins will have a losing season.  Mike Wallace gives them an added dimension of speed, but Miami lost Dustin Kellar in preseason and haven't found another complimentary receiver to fill his shoes.  Ryan Tannehill is a year older and has big play capability, but not enough weapons to be dangerous.

Buffalo Bills:  6-10

CJ Spiller is a good fantasy player, but in the real world the Buffalo Bills won't make a lot of noise this year.  Anytime your franchise has a WSU quarterback penciled in as the opening day starter you know things are bad.  I'm giving them 6 games, but I wouldn't be surprised if they win less.

New York Jets:  4-12

Rex Ryan's final season as the head coach of the New York Jets will be uneventful.  The Jets have no running game, traded away Revis Island, and will start either Geno Smith or Mark Sanchez in the season opener.  This is a recipe for disaster.  The New York media will have a field day with this train wreck.

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