Thursday, August 1, 2013

NFC East Preview

Traditionally the NFC East has been the glamour division of the league, but now that the more dominant teams reside out West (Seattle and San Francisco) things have changed.  Still the division includes franchises from the media capital of the world, the nation's capital, and America's team.  For those reasons it will always be popular regardless of their overall performance. Here is how the division will shake out.

Dallas Cowboys:  10-6

The Cowboys window of opportunity will be open for approximately 30 more seconds.  If they don't make the playoffs this season expect an extreme makeover from Jerry Jones.  He has the patience of a Mongolian caveman and with money he's spent he expects results.  Tony Romo and Dez Bryant should have solid seasons, but the key to the Cowboys success is the health of DeMarco Murray.  If he can stay on the field the Cowboys have a chance to do some big things.

New York Giants:  9-7

The New York Giants are a solid team, but not dominant in any particular facet of the game.   Typically the team has a tough defense and a strong running game, but with the departure of Ahmad Bradshaw and Osi Umenyiora it is difficult to tell if that trend will continue.  Eli Manning has some weapons around him (Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks) to keep games close, but the Giants will struggle against the elite teams and barely miss the playoffs.

Washington Redskins:  9-7

RGIII will not be the same quarterback he was last year.  The Redskins will ask him to run less and become more of a pocket passer.  Taking his explosive speed out of the equation makes him an average quarterback with VERY average receivers.  Running back Alfred Morris will take some of the pressure off and the defense is better with a healthy Brian Orakpo, but if RGIII can't be RGIII the team won't reach its goals.

Philadelphia Eagles:  5-11

The Eagles have a new head coach with no NFL experience, a fragile starting quarterback who can't get separation from the back up in training camp, a starting receiver and linebacker lost for the season, and a player that has caused a racial divide within the locker room.   Perhaps I'm being a little generous giving them 5 wins.  The Eagles have more issues than the Kardashians at this point and missing the playoffs is a foregone conclusion.  Owner Jeff Lurie must be sick to his stomach.

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