Friday, August 9, 2013

Fantasy Football Wildcard #4: Cam Newton

Before the quarterback class of 2012 Cam Newton was the standard for rookie success at the position.  He was way ahead of the curve and displayed dual threat capability.  Any fantasy owner that picked him up as an afterthought was pleasantly surprised and most likely cruised to the playoffs. 2012 proved to be a disappointing year however and fantasy football participants are uncertain about taking Cam in the early rounds.  Is he work the risk?

To be fair the level of expectation was far too high for Cam last year.  The league is all about adjustments and once they figured out how to make him feel uncomfortable on a consistent basis he wasn't the same player.  Cam's confidence took a beating and the losses piled.

If Cam Newton is going to get over the sophomore slump he experienced last year Carolina will have to be more committed to the run.  A balanced attack and a fresh start is all he needs to return to his 2011form.  After an off season to reflect on his mistakes and prepare for the future my guess is Cam Newton will be a top 10 quarterback again.  Your thoughts?

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