Monday, August 26, 2013

SeahawkCentric: A Recap Of The Packers Game

The Seattle Seahawks won their 8th straight preseason game with a grind it out victory over the Green Bay Packers 17-10.  The Seahawks didn't annihilate their opponent like they did in the first two games this year, but a win is a win.  No one got hurt and the team continues to prepare for an epic Super Bowl run.  The 3rd preseason game is generally considered the dress rehearsal for the regular season so this performance has to be critiqued with a little more objectivity than the previous contests.  Here are some of the key points I noticed during the game.

The battle for the back up running back spot has shifted in the Christine Michael direction once again.  Michael proved the San Diego game wasn't a fluke with an impressive 43 yard touchdown run and a one handed reception that resulted in a 25 yard gain.  It will be hard to keep this guy off the field once the season starts.

Allen Bradford looks like the real deal.  In my opinion he's successfully made the transition from running back to linebacker and gives the Seahawks much needed depth at the position.  Whether it's keeping guys fresh or stepping in if someone gets hurt Bradford is becoming an important piece of the puzzle.

The offense hasn't had a lot of explosive plays down the field, but don't blame Stephen Williams for that.  He's definitely done his part with a touchdown reception in every game this preseason.  Outside of Golden Tate Williams is the Seahawks biggest threat at wide receiver until Percy Harvin comes back.

The Seahawks have to become more disciplined if they want to hoist the Lombardi trophy in February.  Championship teams simply don't give up 182 yards on 14 penalties.  Good teams will make the Seahawks pay for those mistakes and they'll have no one to blame but themselves for bad losses.  The penalties are correctable, but it must be addressed now before it becomes an irritating habit.

Practice makes perfect and so far the Seahawks have been "practicing" at a high level.  That's not to say there aren't areas that need improvement (The non-existent pass rush for example), but I still haven't seen a glaring weakness that makes me think this team won't be in New York on February 2nd, 2014.  I'm still drinking the Pete Carroll Kool-Aid.  Until the next time let's keep a SeahawkCentric state of mind shall we?


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