Thursday, August 22, 2013

Is Alabama The New Tailback U?

For the record I don't like Nick Saban.  I can't stand his demeanor, his attitude, or his self righteousness.  If someone told him he wasn't the best college football coach on the planet he'd probably have them stoned to death for insubordination.  He is the epitome of someone that thinks their sh*t doesn't stink.  That being said its become painfully obvious Saban has an eye for talent when it comes to running backs.

Mark Ingram won Heisman trophy during his time at Alabama and although he plays in a pass happy offense (Drew Brees threw for 5, 177 yards last year) he's still dependable between the tackles and near the goal line.

Trent Richardson is a star in the making (if he can stay healthy) up in Cleveland.  His combination of speed and power will make him a fantasy football favorite in leagues all across the country.

Eddie Lacy has Packer fans thinking Green Bay might actually have a running game this season.   He's made the most of his opportunities in the preseason and will most likely be the team's every down back.  He's definitely built for cold weather games at Lambeau.

Miami set the standard a few years back sending Edgerrin James, Clinton Portis, Frank Gore, and Willis McGahee to the pros in succession, but Alabama isn't far behind.  Sophomore TJ Yeldon is on track to pick up where Lacy left off and if he can live up to the hype it might be time to annoint Alabama the new tailback U.  Damn you Saban!  I hope you rot in hell!

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