Friday, August 2, 2013

Fantasy Football Wildcard #3: Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace is one of the biggest deep threats in football.  His ability to stretch defenses is a weapon teams would love to have.  He has big play capability is unquestioned and when he's at his best he can find the end zone 10 to 12 times a season.  From a fantasy football perspective you would love to have that kind of production from one of your starting receivers, but can you depend on him to put up big numbers on a consistent basis?

The Miami Dolphins run a basic offense.  They would rather run the ball effectively and throw intermediate routes than take chances down the field.  Of course that was before Wallace came to town and before quarterback Ryan Tannehill had a season under his belt.  Now that Tannehill has matured and has a better understanding of the NFL the level of expectation has increased.  The addition of Wallace should open up the vertical game and give the team scoring opportunities they sorely lacked in years past.

In Pittsburgh Wallace played with other talented receivers so defenses were reluctant to roll double coverage to his side of the field.  The Dolphins receiving core doesn't have that kind of depth so he will receive much more attention.  Some receivers respond to the added attention by elevating their game while others fall off the face of the earth and end up going back to their former teams falling back into their comfort zone (Alvin Harper, Deion Branch).  Only time will tell what the future holds for Wallace.

As a fantasy football owner (many times over) I'm not sure how I feel about Mike Wallace right now.  One one hand I can see him getting 9 catches for 173 yards and 3 touchdowns, but on the other I can see him getting 4 catches for 67 yards.  I'm not sold on him, but I know he can come back to haunt me if I slip on him.  Tannehill is getting better, but he's not elite yet.  If Wallace was in Green Bay, New Orleans, or New England this pick would be a no brainer, but Miami makes me a little hesitant.  For now I think he's a good insurance policy, but I would lose sleep if I had to start him every week.  your thoughts? 

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