Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Observations

"For the next seven weeks, it's going to be a very very bumpy road.  Every day, expect a story like this, if not bigger."

Alex Rodriguez addressing the media after allegations he snitched on Braun and Cercevelli

For my money the best storyline in sports right now is the Alex Rodriguez/New York Yankees affair.  This soap opera has more twists and turns than All My Children, The Young and the Restless, and General Hospital put combined.  A few days ago the media accused A-Rod's inner circle of of leaking documents that linked Ryan Braun and Yankee teammate Frank Cercevelli to the Biogenesis scandal.  A day later Rodriguez vehemently denied the accusation.

On Saturday A-Rod's lawyer Joseph Tacopina accused The New York Yankees of being misleading about his hip injury last season.  Tacopina even went so far as to say, "They rolled him out there like an invalid and made him look like he was finished as a player."  Team president Randy Levine fired back by saying "Each and every one of the allegations is specious and completely false.  A-Rod needs to put up or shut up and file a grievance if he really believes he was mistreated by the team."  Tacopina followed up with, "We will put up, mark my words, we will put up.  Levine is a big talker, but he is going to be humbled eventually."

Did you catch all that?  I mean, do you need to press rewind to soak up all that trash talking?  Cleavie Wonder doesn't even talk that much trash!  You can't make up this kind of drama.  This is Maury Povich times 12.  This is Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta on steroids (no pun intended).  All that's missing is a Kardashian paternity test or A-Rod accused of impregnating a teammate's wife Simon Cowell style.

And you know what else?  The Yankees are only 6 games back in the wildcard race.  Imagine the media circus that will surround the Bronx Bombers if they make it to the postseason.  Imagine if A-Rod gets hot and carries them there?   I'd like to see that happen just so I can watch Bud Selig's head explode from frustration and embarrassment.  Every baseball purist in America would throw a temper tantrum and possibly boycott the World Series.  I'm not a big A-Rod fan, but he sure has made this baseball season interesting.

I'll be honest with you, the suspense is killing me.  I have no idea what the outcome of the A-Rod melodrama will be, but I have a feeling it's going to be unprecedented mayhem.  Until we get to the bottom of this the A-Rod story has my undivided attention.  That is until football starts and the Seahawks begin their journey to become Super Bowl champs.  Here are some observations over the weekend.

Usain Bolt is starting to become too predictable.  At the World Championships in Russia Bolt won the 100M, the 200M, and the 4x100M relay.  Didn't he do the same thing in London last year?  What's the big deal?

The Seattle Seahawks dismantled the Denver Broncos 40-10 Saturday and made Peyton Manning look like a JV back up.  For all those that don't believe the Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl I pity you fools!

Max Scherzer won his 18th game of the season on Sunday becoming only the 2nd pitcher since 1919 (Roger Clemens was the other) to have 18 wins in his first 19 decisions as a starter.  He's still not better than Felix Hernandez.

The Nets/Knicks rivalry is starting to heat up with Paul Pierce's claim that New York City will eventually be a Brooklyn Nets town.  Raymond Felton responded by saying, "They've got Brooklyn on their chest and we've got New York.  They'll never take over the city."  I think he makes a pretty good point, but only time will tell.

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