Friday, August 16, 2013

Gilbert Arenas Can Beat Michael Jordan

Have you ever been on a website and saw a story that looked sort of interesting, but you figured you already knew what the article was about so you didn't take the time to read it?  That's what happened to me with this Gilbert Arenas/Michael Jordan nonsense.  For several days I've noticed an article with the title Gilbert Arenas says he can beat Michael Jordan one on one today.  I didn't feel the need to delve any further because for me the title was stating the obvious.  Michael Jordan is 50, Gilbert Arenas is 31. Michael Jordan hasn't played in over a decade and he's got bad knees.  End of story.

Not for one second did it occur to me there were people out there that disagreed with the statement.  I was shocked to find out Jordan fans considered the comment to be disrespectful and delusional.  Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless went so far as to say Michael Jordan would get into his head overwhelming him psychologically and that Gilbert would be lucky to get one point.

Ladies and gentlemen, family, friends, and followers I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but here's the inconvenient truth.  If Michael Jordan and Gilbert Arenas played one on one today GILBERT ARENAS WOULD DESTROY MICHAEL JORDAN!! IT WOULD NOT BE CLOSE!! MICHAEL JORDAN IS NO LONGER A GREAT BASKETBALL PLAYER!! He's a businessman (in the Jay-Z definition of the word) and a philanthropist, not a hooper.  Not anymore.  Gilbert still has dreams of playing in the league so he's in much better physical shape.

Michael Jordan can't roll out of bed and play NBA basketball.  Contrary to what Stephen A. and Skip Bayless think Michael Jordan doesn't have Jedi mind trick capability.  He's just a man.  If this was 10 years ago I'd give Mike a puncher's chance, but he's FIFTY!  The great ones get old and move on with their lives.   Please don't continue to hold Michael Jordan to the standard of his former greatness.  Just let it go.

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