Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fantasy Football Madness

As you all know humility is not my strong suit, which is why I love fantasy football so much. It gives me an opportunity to irritate my friends and colleagues in a constructive manner.  For 14 weeks I intend to make their lives a miserable hell while displaying my infinite knowledge of the NFL and its players.  The goal this year is to get under some one's skin to the point I need round the clock security.  Some of you may think this attitude is shallow and arrogant and I would have to agree.   Nevertheless it's a lot of fun and I wouldn't have it any other way.  On the road to multiple fantasy football championships this year there are 5 keys to my success.

1.  Forget about what happened last year.

Players change teams (Wes Welker, Greg Jennings), suffer from nagging injuries (Gronk,RGIII, Arian Foster), and father time catches up with them (Phillip Rivers, Reggie Wayne).  Start fresh and keep the past in the past.

2.  Take calculated risks.

There are players out there who can make or break your season that don't get a lot of attention. If I think someone is going to have a break out season, but the experts disagree I follow my gut.  Cam Newton, Victor Cruz, And Alfred Morris were all considered a reach in their first season and look how those picks turned out.

3.  Make the first pick count.

Although I just told you I take calculated risks that doesn't pertain to my first pick in the draft.  That pick should be the anchor of my team and barring unforeseen injury the player that propels my teams to victory.  I can't afford to waste this pick on Michael Vick or Joe Flacco if Matt Stafford or Eli Manning are still available.

4.  Pick a dominant defense early.

Instead of stockpiling a team with mediocre running backs (Mark Ingram, Jonathan Dwyer) or marginal receivers (Malcolm Floyd, Darius Heyward-Bey) I pick a defense that generates a lot of turnovers.  In a close match up a sack, safety, or pick 6 can really come in handy.

5.  Follow the trends.

Tom Brady lost his security blanket.  Andy Reid is re-inventing himself in Kansas City.  Sean Payton is back at the helm I'm New Orleans.  Larry Fitzgerald has a real quarterback in Arizona.  It's important to understand how the changing landscape of the NFL can affect the production of certain players.

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