Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tiger B3TZ

Carolina vs. Oakland

The Carolina Panthers and the Oakland Raiders have both had disappointing seasons.  The Panthers had Super Bowl aspirations once upon a time while the Raiders expected to make the playoffs behind Carson Palmer.  Now both teams are just evaluating talent and thinking about improvements they can make for next season.  Look for Cam Newton to show he's still an elite quarterback.

New England vs. Jacksonville

After Sunday night's loss to the 49ers the New England Patriots need a win against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  They are a game behind the Denver Broncos for a first round bye and the Broncos finish the season at home against Cleveland and Kansas City.  Ouch.  Doesn't look likely, but the Jags will be the team they take their frustrations out on.

Cincinnati vs Pittsburgh

The Cincinnati Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers are in a dog fight for the final playoff spot in the AFC.  Traditionally the Steelers are the team looking down on everyone, but this year the Bengals have the upper hand.  If they win they're in, but if they lose and Pittsburgh wins their last two games they're out.  To say this game is important is a mild understatement.

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