Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Night Football B3TZ

 New York Jets vs. Tennessee Titans

Tonight's game between the New York Jets and the Tennessee Titans is a match up featuring underachieving quarterbacks.  Mark Sanchez hasn't responded well to the addition of Tim Tebow and Jake Locker has not progressed as a passer this season.  Throw in the fact Chris Johnson is having another sub par year (especially in fantasy points) and this game is barely watchable.  The Jets will win (they still have a chance to make the playoffs), but it will be an ugly game.

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  1. tebow?! Sanchez hasn't responded to being in the NFL. Let alone as the savior of the Jets. Bench the coach first, trade Tebow, then have a reality check with Sanchez. He CAN be great. Problem is he doesn't believe anymore.