Thursday, December 27, 2012

Richard Sherman Wins Appeal

Thank goodness for the American judicial process.  In a shocking turn of events Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman will not face a suspension for using performance enhancing drugs.  it appears the methods used to obtain his urine sample were less than professional and the case has been thrown out.  I guess we can refer to this as the Ryan Braun rule.  Regardless of what people think happened Richard Sherman is available for the playoffs.  What does this mean for the rest of the NFC?

Pestilence, famine, destruction, and death.  No one in their right mind wants to play the Seahawks right now.  This team is playing at a high level in all phases of the game.  They've managed to stay relatively healthy and the offense continues to get better every week.  Now that the Hawks are assured of having both of their starting cornerbacks available for the playoffs (Brandon Browner is eligible after the St. Louis game) the Super Bowl is a realistic expectation.

I'm not just saying this because I'm drunk off the Pete Carroll kool aid (which I am).  With the exception of Atlanta and Washington (if they win against Dallas) the Seahawks have beaten every team that made the playoffs.  There is no dominant team in the NFC and Seattle is riding a tremendous wave of momentum.

The biggest question surrounding the squad is their ability to win on the road.  The 12th man has provided a huge advantage all season long and the Seahawks have a losing record away from Century Link Field.  That being said playoff wins on the road aren't nearly as difficult to come by as they were in the past.  A strong running game, a stellar defense, and a "special" quarterback should be enough to get the job done.  Now that Richard Sherman isn't going anywhere the Seahawks have no weaknesses.  Wouldn't you agree?


  1. not judicial. there's no court. it's just the NFL deciders. and agents. and goodells...

    1. That is a valid point. Thank you for correcting me. Go Hawks!

  2. In 2010 you picked the Seahawks to win Superbowl 48. They are on their way. Great foresight. If they win the next 4-5 games they will have done ir.

  3. They can still win it all even if they lose this Sunday, but why not put themselves in a position to get any extra perks that could come if the math works out? Also, at this stage winning on Sunday will do a lot more to build confidence for the rest of the ride.

  4. I stand corrected from my above comment...Superbowl 48 is next year! So, you got a year to go ;) . If they can do it this year than many will expect them to do it again next year. I don't think most people saw the freight train coming this least not for things to ramp up like they have.

    I think they have the talent, the youth, and as strange as it may sound the experience in what they have accomplished so far. They just need the confidence to continue. If they keep that they will win it all (barring some strange turn of events)...and I mean this year! One game at a time is the path for all the teams...going into the postseason with a winning streak is very positive.

  5. Thanks for the read. It's exciting times around the 206 these days. I think the strength of this team is their balance. They're better than average in all facets of the game and GM John Schneider hit the powerball with Russell Wilson. Part Peyton Manning, part Joe Montana, and part Fran Tarkenton. He gets better every week and the team rallies around his leadership. Super Bowls are hard to come by, but this team is capable of doing it this year and hopefully for many years to come. The nucleus is young enough to do it.